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LPW technologies and global advanced metals group limited (GAM) announced a cooperation agreement to further verify the nodularization of tantalum metal powder for 3D printing of metals

In the emerging field of metal 3D printing, there is hardly any precedent for the use of refractory metals in additive manufacturing. Moreover, even the related printing standards and concepts need to be studied and developed more comprehensively. Now, global advanced metals (GAM) is trying to fill the gap and expand the company's product line.

Global advanced metals corporation (GAM) is a global leader in the field of tantalum powder technology. The company, formerly known as telisen tantalum industry, is mainly engaged in tantalum mining and other work. After the name change, the business segment has been gradually expanded. At present, GAM can provide nodular, angular, fragmented and spherical metal powders for various important applications. The successful certification of laser 3D printing technology for tantalum provides GAM customers with another choice of metal powder. The additive manufacturing technology for tantalum can serve medical surgery, dentistry, military, aerospace and other markets. Tantalum offers superior human bone integration and greater biocompatibility compared to metal and alloy implants commonly used in medical applications, and effectively reduces stress shielding.

Developing additive manufacturing from a powder material perspective using LPW technologies' unique laser powder bed fusion technology represents a strategic step toward introducing tantalum and other refractory metal products to the additive manufacturing market, said GAM CEO Donovan. Currently, GAM can measure and share physicochemical data about spherical tantalum and its eventual 3d-printed components and provide solutions to partners. These partners include practitioners, designers and manufacturers of tantalum medical and surgical implants and other highly reliable and critical devices.
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