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Analysis of trade flow of tungsten products

The global trade pattern of tungsten products is stable, and the trade flows between tungsten resource-rich countries and tungsten consuming countries and regions. China, Canada, Russia, Australia, Vietnam and Bolivia are relatively rich in tungsten resources. China, the United States, Japan and the European Union are the global centers of tungsten consumption. China ranks first in the world in the production of tungsten concentrate. In addition to meeting domestic smelting and consumption, tungsten concentrate mainly supplies the world with raw materials such as tungstate, tungsten oxide and tungsten powder. At the same time, China also imports tungsten concentrate through processing trade, ranking the first in the world. The main sources are Russia, Mongolia, Rwanda and Bolivia.

Vietnam has become the world's second largest producer of tungsten concentrate in recent years, according to the world bureau of metals statistics. After smelting, tungsten concentrate is exported in the form of tungstate, which is only second to China and mainly exported to Europe.

The United States is the largest consumer of tungsten outside of China. Because it has no tungsten mines, the United States imports tungsten concentrates from countries like Canada, Bolivia, Spain and Australia, and raw materials like tungstate and ferrotungsten from countries like China, Vietnam and Russia. Japan also does not produce tungsten concentrate, mainly importing tungstate and ferrotungsten from China and Vietnam. The production of tungsten concentrates in eu countries cannot meet their tungsten consumption. They mainly import tungsten concentrates from Russia, Canada and Bolivia, and tungstate and ferrotungsten from China and Vietnam. Developed countries and regions in Japan, the United States and Europe import tungsten raw materials from China, Vietnam, Russia, Canada and other countries.
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