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Porous tantalum bone filler will be approved for sale at a 30% discount to imported products

On January 8, the state drug administration (sda) announced that the registration of porous tantalum bone filler material, an innovative product developed by chongqing runze pharmaceutical co., ltd. has been approved by the state food and drug administration. This product is the first metal bone filler material that can be used to fill lacunar cancellous bone defects in non-load-bearing parts of limbs, breaking the monopoly of the United States, and the estimated output value of the industry is more than 30 billion yuan. Industry insiders pointed out that the successful research and development of porous tantalum, a new material of weize medicine, will not only reduce the domestic dependence on imported bone repair materials, but also enter the overseas market with the leading technology.

More than 1 million patients in China need bone implants every year, and the market is worth hundreds of billions of yuan. Currently, the bone repair materials are mainly made of compact medical titanium alloy, which is unable to repair the segmental bone injury with large segment and large bone mass loss. The porous tantalum bone filler material adopts the method of sponge impregnation and high temperature and vacuum sintering to improve the mechanical properties of the material by adjusting the heating and cooling processes in the sintering process. The stepped pores in the microstructure of the prepared material make the material have a lower elastic modulus, which is similar to bone tissue and helps the microcirculation of fluid in the product.
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