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China's independent research and development of porous tantalum materials to the international advanced level

Recently understands from intellectual property office in chongqing, the chongqing moist pharmaceutical co., LTD., after 5 years of independent research and development success of porous tantalum material, new products through innovative technology solutions, by the national authoritative department detection, product indicators were higher than international standards, in two years for mass production, the realization of the material of "made in China".

Porous tantalum is a new generation of material used in human body repair. It is widely regarded by the medical community as an ideal material to replace the existing stainless steel and titanium materials. In 2009, the company made nearly $5 billion in revenue from the product, which is growing by 30% a year.

About 2 million patients in China need joint replacement surgery every year, so there is a great demand for bone tissue repair materials. The global market for bone repair materials is more than us $200 billion annually. In medical treatment, tantalum has good biocompatibility and elastic modulus similar to human tissues, so it is one of the known metal implant materials *.However, due to the high density, heavy weight and difficulty in processing of tantalum, the hospital mainly USES stainless steel and titanium metal materials to repair bone tissue defects and necrosis.

"Porous tantalum material development and medical application project" of chongqing runze company was listed as one of the national intellectual property review projects of 50 major economic activities in 2011.Review results show that the research and development project has broken the patent barriers of American companies, and has obtained more than 30 domestic patents. The company adopts powder metallurgy method to independently develop, the product of tantalum material purity is high, the extension is better than other similar products; Short production cycle and low product cost; No toxic substances and gases in production, low energy consumption. Its products have achieved a major innovation breakthrough in the field of medical materials, and its technology has reached the world's advanced level. This year, the project was officially listed by the ministry of science and technology as a major science and technology support plan during the 12th five-year plan period, becoming a key priority project in the field of materials.
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