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Shaanxi nonferrous gold molybdenum group has successfully produced 5 tons of large-specification high quality molybdenum plate

The only special production line of tungsten and molybdenum plate in Asia Pacific region, the first hot rolling production line of large-specification and high-quality molybdenum plate in China, has successfully produced 5 tons of qualified molybdenum plate of various specifications after the trial production by jinmo group. Among them, the maximum single weight reached 970 kilograms.

The construction of this hot rolling production line of molybdenum plate is an important measure of jinmo group to develop profound molybdenum processing, extend the industrial chain, and promote the "terminalization and high-end" of molybdenum products. The production line is designed with a production capacity of 1100 tons/year, maximum width of 1600 mm and maximum length of 4000 mm.

During the implementation of the project, jinmo group has independently developed, designed and installed the raw material technology, rolling technology and process equipment configuration, and its tooling technology has reached the world advanced level.

It is understood that the successful production of this project has filled the gap in the asia-pacific region, broken the monopoly of foreign manufacturers in this field for a long time, and will have a positive and far-reaching impact on the asia-pacific and even the global flat panel display, sapphire and other molybdenum consumer industries. At the same time, it also shows the comprehensive strength of the enterprise in the industry, becoming a new milestone in the development history of China's molybdenum industry.
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