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Breaking the foreign technology monopoly, China realizes the mass production of G6 generation of supersized molybdenum target materials for semiconductors

It is reported that China has developed the country's first G6 generation super-sized high-end molybdenum target material with fully independent intellectual property rights, and realized mass production this quarter. This means that China is the first country in the asia-pacific region to be able to produce ultra-large molybdenum targets for semiconductors, and marks the breaking of Europe's monopoly on the core technology. Before that, due to the limitation of production equipment and core technology, China had to import a large number of super-sized high-end molybdenum targets from abroad every year. In other words, China still has a technical gap in G6 super-sized high-end molybdenum target, which needs to be filled in time. This breakthrough just shows that China has filled the technology gap. In addition, the fact that China has taken a crucial step towards the localization of core materials for high-end displays is also evident.

Molybdenum targets, also known as molybdenum sputtering targets, may be unfamiliar to many people, so you may not know for a while that they are one of the core materials in the semiconductor industry and, more specifically, the key raw materials in liquid crystal flat panel displays. But, in fact, you're familiar with it, not only everywhere, but for hours of the day and even a dozen hours. Yes, this "it" is the phone OLED screen.

In this way, China not only breaks the relative monopoly of foreign molybdenum sputtering targets, but also greatly drives the market demand of domestic molybdenum sputtering targets. That means China no longer has to import the super-sized high-end molybdenum targets needed for its existing OLED panel production lines.
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