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Why titanium household products are so "noble"

Titanium, a silver-white metal, is the chemical symbol Ti. Because the titanium has high melting point, small density, strength, corrosion resistance, biocompatibility, shape memory and hydrogen storage and a series of important characteristics, is widely used in space navigation, nuclear power, metallurgy, medical war industry, chemical industry electronic, artificial joints, sports equipment, outdoor furniture, and many other areas, is a national important strategic material, known as the "third metal", "wisdom" metal, metal "space", "Marine metal" and "metal".

Pure titanium household products, as the favorite of the new era, has quietly come to our lives. Because of its in the high temperature, acid or alkali ingredients environment, no pathogenic carcinogenic heavy metal dissolution of nickel, chromium, manganese, and never rust, natural antibacterial, biological affinity and lasting preservation, durable and other characteristics, deeply the general consumers' welcome, however, it is nothing less than the price of high-end consumer goods turned off many consumers. One wonders what keeps the price of titanium home products so high.

First, the material cost is high

Second, processing difficulties

Third, high average cost of titanium household products

To sum up, the cost of titanium household products is also high due to its high price, difficult processing of titanium materials, low yield of titanium household products and high amortized cost of other products.
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