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Aero engine made of titanium alloy

Titanium alloy forgings used in aviation need to go through ingot casting, billet making, die forging, machine adding and other processes to obtain the required material structure and properties, which are often used to make the main bearing members of aircraft skeleton and engine rotors. According to hb5024-1989, the outside diameter of large forgings should not be less than 500mm.With the development of aircraft and engine, the quality requirement of aviation forgings is higher and higher, the size is bigger and bigger, and the shape is more and more complex. Aircraft structural parts are complex in appearance, and the utilization rate of materials is generally less than 10%.Ti-6al-4v ELI is the material for the four large main load-bearing strengthening frames of the f-22 aircraft, and the projected area of the die forgings is 4.06m2 ~ 5.67m2.In recent years, China's aviation titanium alloy professional forging equipment has been greatly improved, has been able to produce 5m2 level of titanium alloy forging.

The demand of titanium alloy for future aviation aircraft should be higher strength, higher toughness, higher damage performance, higher high temperature resistance and so on.

Is that enough? Of course not, titanium's ambitions go far beyond that! New super strength structure titanium alloy, high performance damage tolerance type titanium alloy, low-cost fatigue resistance titanium alloy, new high temperature structure titanium alloy, advanced base material, titanium composite material, etc.
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