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Domestic production of third-generation nuclear - grade zirconium alloy pipes has been realized in China

Nuclear grade fuel cladding tube is the strategic core material for nuclear power plant operation and the first barrier to ensure nuclear safety. It is of great significance to the extension of the whole industry chain of China's nuclear industry and to ensure the safe and efficient development of nuclear power in China. On September 20, the nuclear in areva zirconium alloy tubing (Shanghai) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "CAST"), used in hualong one the world's first heap - fujian fuqing nuclear power plant unit 5 nuclear fuel cladding tube in accordance with the plan to complete the production, and successful delivery in Shanghai, marks China's three generations of nuclear power, nuclear grade zirconium alloy tubing to realize the localization.

Loaded with more than 50,000 M5TM casings, the truck slowly pulled out of the CAST plant and headed for the next stop in the high-performance nuclear fuel production chain, China national nuclear jianzhong nuclear fuel components co., LTD., to help the hualong no. 1 reactor achieve safe and efficient operation.

CAST is a joint venture between China national nuclear corporation (CNNC) and famatong. It is the first nuclear fuel-related manufacturing plant jointly invested by China and France in China. CAST company with only a few years, the successful implementation of our country nuclear fuel assembly M5TM cladding tube of local production, and successfully completed the hualong first number one reactor fuel cladding tube manufacture, make our country in the nuclear fuel cycle more solid step forward on the development of whole industry chain, effectively promoted the Chinese nuclear grade zirconium alloy industrialization ability, for the development of China's nuclear power safety and efficiency provides a powerful guarantee. As the only domestic manufacturer of M5TM zirconium alloy pipes, CAST's product quality has reached the same level as that of panboeuf factory in France, with a production capacity of 1500 km/year.
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