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The Chinese market has become an important part of the global titanium market

Since the new century, China titanium industry has made great progress. China's annual production of titanium sponge jumped from 23,000 tons at the beginning of this century to more than 70,000 tons, accounting for one-third of global production. The annual production of titanium dioxide increased from 300,000 tons at the beginning of the century to nearly 3 million tons, accounting for 45% of the world's total production. With the rapid increase of downstream product production, China's demand for titanium raw material also increases rapidly. At present, China consumes more than 45% of the total global demand for titanium raw materials every year. In addition, the production of titanium sponge mentioned above accounts for one third of the world's total production, and the production of titanium dioxide accounts for 45% of the world's total production. It can be said that China has become the most important part of the global titanium industry at present. The quality of China's titanium market and the development of China's titanium industry will have an important impact on the global titanium industry. China's domestic titanium ore components cannot be used as raw materials for chlorination, and almost all rely on imports, which is the fundamental reason why China is trying to develop new technologies to change the applicability of titanium ore. Until new technologies emerge, China's future demand for raw materials for chlorination is bound to push up prices further.
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