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Porous tantalum bone filler material has been approved for market in China

China's national innovative medical device porous tantalum bone filler material developed by chongqing runze pharmaceutical co., ltd. has been approved to market, the chongqing drug administration announced at a press conference Wednesday. This product is the first and only innovative orthopedic product approved for market in China, which fills the gap of no innovative orthopedic materials in China. It is the first in the world to develop the medical porous tantalum material standard and the first nondestructive testing standard for porous metal.

, according to the state drug administration led by a porous tantalum bone filling materials can be used for the bearing parts of the limbs of lacunar cancellous bone defect filler metal bone filling material, it adopts sponge impregnated - high temperature and high vacuum sintering method, by adjusting the heating and cooling process in sintering process, and improve the material mechanical properties, the preparation of material microstructure of stepwise pore materials with low elastic modulus, and similar to bone tissue, help body fluids in the circulation of the products.

At present, the main bone repair materials at home and abroad are compact medical titanium alloy and magnesium alloy products, which are unable to repair segmental bone injury with large segment and large bone mass loss. The mechanical properties of porous tantalum are more similar to human bone tissue, and it has bone regeneration function. It can be made into products of various sizes, shapes and sizes according to clinical needs, realizing the zero breakthrough of medical implantation bionic products customization. The main applications of porous tantalum medical implant materials include bone implants, artificial joints, dental implants, etc., and the global market scale is hundreds of billions of dollars. The annual sales volume of porous tantalum bone filler is expected to reach 5 billion yuan after its approval.
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