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High temperature material tungsten alloy

The temperature of tungsten material is high, and the solid solution strengthening method has little effect on improving the high temperature strength of tungsten. But diffusion (or precipitation) strengthening on the basis of solid solution strengthening can greatly improve the high-temperature strength, and ThO2 and precipitated HfC dispersion particles have the best strengthening effect. At about 1900 ℃ W - Hf - C and W - ThO2 alloy has a high temperature strength and creep strength. It is an effective way to strengthen tungsten alloys used below the recrystallization temperature by means of temperature hardening and strain hardening. For example, fine tungsten wire has a very high tensile strength, the total processing deformation rate of 99.999%, diameter of 0.015 mm fine tungsten wire, at room temperature tensile strength up to 438 kg force/mm.

Among refractory metals, tungsten and tungsten alloys have the highest plastic-brittle transition temperature. Sintering and smelting of polycrystalline tungsten material ductile - brittle transition temperature between 150 ~ 450 ℃, due to the difficulties in processing and use of the single crystal tungsten is below room temperature. The interstitial impurities, microstructure and alloying elements in tungsten, as well as the plastic processing and surface state have great influence on the plastic-brittle transition temperature of tungsten. Except rhenium, other alloying elements have little effect on the plastic-brittle transition temperature of tungsten except rhenium (see strengthening of metals).

Tungsten oxide resistance is poor, characteristics and molybdenum oxide, tungsten trioxide in above 1000 ℃ and volatile, oxidation of the "disaster". Therefore, when tungsten is used at high temperature, it must be protected by vacuum or inert atmosphere. If it is used at high temperature, protective coating must be added.
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