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Rare metal tungsten in national defense weapons and equipment

Due to its high temperature resistance, rare metal tungsten is used in all kinds of high speed ammunition, especially armor-piercing ammunition, which is almost an essential cost. In armoured vehicles, tungsten alloy used to make shell not only, also used as a composite armor, improve the ability of heat intensity and high temperature resistant metal tungsten has always been a scarce resource, and tungsten was almost the only option for high-speed armor-piercing bullet core material, a variety of ballistic missile weapon due to high speed must be applied in the shell of tungsten alloy, fight in the high-speed flight because of air friction produced by high temperature, make all kinds of tungsten alloy is indispensable key components. As an important strategic resource, tungsten industry is closely related to national economic lifeline and national defense security.

China has always been the country with the richest tungsten resources. However, in recent years, due to predatory mining, tungsten mines have also been exhausted. Although China has the world's largest tungsten mineral resources, it has long caused a lot of waste due to its poor mining technology and exported it at a low price in exchange for foreign exchange. At present, domestic scheelite has been exhausted, and wolframite resources are rapidly reduced.
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