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China semiconductor used G6 super large molybdenum target material to break the technology monopoly of foreign countries

It is reported that China has developed the first domestic G6 super-large high-end molybdenum target with completely independent intellectual property rights, and realized mass production this quarter. This means that China is the first country in the asia-pacific region to be able to produce supersized molybdenum targets for semiconductors, and marks the end of Europe's monopoly on the core technology.

Before that, China had to import large amounts of extra-large, high-end molybdenum every year because of production equipment and core technologies. In other words, China still has a technical gap in the G6 super-large high-end molybdenum target, which needs to be filled in time. This breakthrough just shows that our country has filled the technology gap. In addition, the fact that China has taken a crucial step in the localization of core materials for high-end displays is also obvious.

Previously, chromium was used as a wiring material for flat - panel displays. However, with the progress of The Times, the development of science and technology, and the process of large size and high precision of flat panel displays, chromium can no longer meet the higher requirements of the comparative impedance of flat panel wiring materials -- smaller than the impedance. Also, environmental protection should be considered. Therefore, molybdenum, with high melting point, high conductivity, good corrosion resistance and other characteristics, and its specific impedance and film stress is only half of chromium, there is also, molybdenum is environmentally friendly material, do not need to worry about environmental pollution. Therefore, molybdenum became one of the preferred materials for sputtering target of flat panel display. Very important is, according to the expert introduction, molybdenum still can promote the brightness of liquid crystal display greatly, contrast, color to wait for function and prolong its service life.
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