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Preparation of new high strength and high toughness molybdenum alloy and its key technology of oxidation prevention

Combining the excellent properties of TZM alloy and molybdenum-lanthanum alloy, a series of preparation processes with independent intellectual property rights have been formed by creatively combining rare earth doping technology with toughening technology. Controlled by micro alloy composition design and ultrastructure, rare earth doped, uniform mixing, refine the grain size strengthening, strong plastic deformation and low temperature sintering, the anti oxidation coating process, such as through the preparation of both high strength and high toughness molybdenum alloy material technical bottlenecks, to study the reinforcement and the anti-oxidation mechanism of rare earth lanthanum doped, developed a new type of rare earth doped La - TZM alloy with high strength and high tenacity, the room temperature tensile strength of 1341 mpa, the elongation is 7.5%, the recrystallization temperature of 1700 ℃, the DBTT down to - 120 ℃, oxygen content and PPM, product performance has reached the international advanced level.

The innovation points of this achievement are:

1. A new type of la-tzm molybdenum alloy with high strength and high toughness was prepared by combining rare earth doping technology with toughening technology through microalloy composition design and ultrastructure control;

2. Invented the ultrasonic humidification mixing technology with intellectual property rights and organic carbon to replace traditional graphite mixing and other key technologies for the preparation of molybdenum alloy, which solved the technical problem of difficult homogenization of alloy element doping;

3. The method to improve the high temperature oxidation resistance of molybdenum alloy and the preparation method of coating coating were successfully developed, which expanded the application range of molybdenum alloy.
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