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The patented technology of zirconium and hafnium separation leads the upgrade of national high-end manufacturing industry

Zirconium and hafnium, in the eyes of ordinary people are two special metal materials, do not have special significance. In fact, zirconium is often used as fuel cladding material and core structure material for nuclear reactors due to its unique nuclear properties, such as small muon absorption cross section, excellent corrosion resistance in high temperature, high pressure and water, and good radiation resistance in nuclear reactors.

And hafnium has plasticity, easy processing, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance characteristics, hafnium thermal neutron capture cross section is large, is an ideal neutron absorber, can be used as a control rod and protection device for atomic reactors.

Zirconium, hafnium and high temperature resistance, radiation corrosion resistance and unique nuclear performance, so that they can not only in the nuclear industry, nuclear power and other industries can be used in reactor cladding and structural materials, reactor control materials, but also in mechanical manufacturing, chemical petroleum, metallurgy, pharmacy, electronics and other fields are widely used. Nuclear applications of nuclear grade zirconium, hafnium materials are rare metal materials.

In the field of nuclear military industry, with the upgrading and upgrading of China's aircraft carriers and other military vessels and military equipment and the development of military industry, the total demand for nuclear grade zirconium and hafnium is growing rapidly. Only the localization and industrialization of high purity zirconium and hafnium products can accelerate the industrial upgrading and sustainable and healthy development of China's high-end military industry and civil industry.
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