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The first batch of CF3 nuclear fuel assemblies N36 zirconium alloy tubes and bars were successfully developed

On November 24, 2018, the first batch of Chinese self-owned brand CF3 nuclear fuel module N36 zirconium alloy tubes and bars were delivered successfully in xi 'an new zirconium nuclear material science and technology co., LTD., west of xi 'an economic development zone, shaanxi province. This indicates that China has the industrial scale production capacity of nuclear zirconium alloy with independent intellectual property rights.

The fuel assembly is the core of a nuclear reactor and its safety and reliability depend on the zirconium cladding. As a key structural material of the core of a nuclear reactor, zirconium alloy constitutes the "skeleton" and "skin" of the fuel assembly, which is called the "first safety barrier" of a nuclear reactor. China has long relied on imports of nuclear zirconium alloys. After several generations of researchers' unremitting exploration, China has finally mastered the engineering preparation technology of N36 zirconium alloy, a key structural material of fuel assembly with independent intellectual property rights.

N36 zirconium alloy technology is an important part of the national major energy strategic plan. It is a nuclear fuel structural material preparation technology that China has completely independent intellectual property rights. Western new zirconium nuclear material technology co., ltd. is honored to be a participant and witness of the historic breakthrough in China's nuclear power industry. In just 13 months, it has achieved the "new zirconium speed" and created a "new zirconium iron army" with faith, discipline, conduct and achievements.

Western new zirconium pipe and rod factory as the leader of this iron army, under the pressure of all aspects, under the correct guidance of the company's leadership, obtained the strong support of functional departments and brother units, successfully completed the first batch of N36 zirconium alloy pipe and rod delivery.
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