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Difference between zirconia ceramics and metal materials in elasticity and deformation

Although zirconia is a kind of material which is not easy to be separated, it will deform under certain external force, and the deformation is reversible, that is to say, once the external force on zirconia is removed, it can return to the original shape.

If it is a metal material, it generally goes through two stages of elastic deformation and plastic deformation before fracture under room temperature static tensile load. But the zirconia ceramic material is not so, it generally does not appear plastic deformation stage, very small strain elastic deformation immediately after the brittle fracture, elongation and surface shrinkage are almost zero.

In terms of metal materials, even very brittle cast iron has good tensile strength, but zirconia ceramics are different, so its elastic modulus when compressed is much higher than the elastic modulus when stretched, which can produce a small amount of compressive plastic deformation.

The test results show that the elastic modulus of zirconia ceramic material is much larger than that of metal, and the elastic modulus of zirconia ceramic material is not only related to the bonding bond, but also related to the type, distribution ratio and porosity of its constituent phase, because the ceramic forming and sintering process has a significant impact on the elastic modulus.

As a brittle material, the compressive strength of zirconia ceramics is much greater than that of its tensile strength. In addition, compared with metal materials, it has better resistance to creep at high temperature and has certain plasticity at high temperature, so zirconia ceramic materials can be used in high temperature environment.
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