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Zirconium titanium ore domestic demand is huge who will become the next industry giant?

Zirconium titanium ore is widely used in military weapons, precision casting, advanced refractory materials, aerospace, chemical, nuclear and other industries. In recent years, the price of zirconium and titanium ore fluctuates greatly in the international market. The domestic zirconium and titanium resource is limited, but the demand keeps increasing, with the annual growth rate of 6%. The domestic annual import demand of zirconium and titanium ore reaches 90% and 70% respectively. In 2017, the price of titanium concentrate skyrocketed, mainly due to the improvement of supply and demand pattern of the industry; Strict environmental protection measures, the main production areas panzhihua vanadium titanium high-tech zone enterprises due to environmental protection standards were discontinued and remediation; Strong demand for downstream titanium dioxide continuous price increases, to form a strong support for titanium concentrate price increases. With the titanium industry chain upstream and downstream prices rose across the board, the industry boom continued to rise. At present, according to the agency estimates, titanium concentrates gross margin is as high as 70%, titanium sponge and titanium dioxide downstream continued high price for titanium concentrate provides strong support, corporate performance of titanium concentrate elasticity, the largest is rich titanium concentrate resources listed company performance will be improved significantly, profitability improved, therefore, titanium concentrate resources companies are expected to benefit value revaluation.
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