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Shanxi baoji high-tech zone: "China titanium valley" green path to accelerate the transformation

In baoji high-tech zone, which is full of titanium enterprises, the company holds 60% of the supply of titanium materials and titanium products. In order to maintain the status of the largest titanium industry in China, industrial innovation and development is the only way.

Baoji high-tech zone is making great efforts on "high" and "new". In recent years, enterprises are encouraged to strengthen the research and development of new products, expand the application scope of titanium and titanium alloy, and step forward to the high-end field and "titanium for people's life". The annual titanium industry alliance conference is a thought exchange meeting, industry forecast, many enterprises find the appropriate path, do can turn, fast turn, not blind turn.

The head of the science and technology bureau of baoji high-tech zone believes that high-quality development is being practiced in the high-tech zone, and these enterprises that adhere to green and sustainable development show the power of example. "At present, all parties need to make concerted efforts to further optimize the business and investment environment, so that enterprises can take the initiative to make decisions, dig deeper into their main businesses, invest more in innovation and technology, and achieve more high-quality supply, from simply 'making the pie bigger' to enhancing competitiveness."
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