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A new type of high temperature resistant titanium alloy blade made in China has been tested

In recent years, with more than 10 new generation engine such as the urgent demand for high temperature titanium alloys, high temperature 600 ℃, flame retardant titanium alloy, titanium alloy and titanium alloy titanium silicon carbide fiber reinforced composites become the focus on the development of new type high temperature titanium alloy. Several domestic academy in 600 ℃ high temperature titanium alloy was carried out by a large number of areas. Such as Beijing aviation material research institute developed a new generation of 600 ℃ high temperature titanium alloy TA - 29, its overall semal made of titanium alloy parts have passed the turn hot cracking, low cycle fatigue, blade vibration fatigue strength assessment.TA-29 titanium alloy large - size bars, integral disc forgings and parts have a small batch production capacity. Public information, according to the TA - 29 titanium alloy has a very good high temperature performance, the other performance meet the design requirements, can also be extended to about 620 ℃ for long-term use. In addition to have good potential applications in the field of aircraft engine, TA - 29 titanium alloy in the 750-750 ℃ still can maintain a higher tensile strength, can be used in the temperature range for the short-term, in space, can be used in high velocity missile, rocket, aircraft, space aircraft airframe components such as equipment, rigging, and high temperature aerospace engine parts.
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