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Jingmo group has successfully developed 8 m long seamless molybdenum alloy thin-walled tube

Molybdenum alloy thin-walled tubes are widely used in high temperature heating, nuclear power, temperature control and other fields. For a long time, due to technical reasons, molybdenum alloy pipes are mainly thick wall (thickness 1mm) pipes, the length of the pipes is not more than 2 meters, which greatly limits its application in high-end products. Domestic seamless molybdenum alloy thin-walled tubes with large length-diameter ratio are basically in blank and mainly rely on imports.

The technical team of the technical center has made great efforts to tackle the key problems in processing technology, and successfully mastered the key technology of preparation of seamless molybdenum alloy thin-wall tube with large length-diameter ratio, and mastered the core processing technology of such products. The outer diameter of the molybdenum alloy thin-walled tube prepared by the project is 8mm, the wall thickness is 0.6mm, and the length is up to 8m. After the pressure test, the product remains intact under the pressure of 50MPa.

At present, the r&d team of the technical center has been able to prepare all kinds of seamless molybdenum alloy thin-walled tubes with a diameter of 6-16mm, a wall thickness of 0.5-1mm and a length of less than 8m. This kind of product has also passed the domestic, foreign related customer's use verification, starts the small batch supply.
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