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Analysis of China and global tungsten trade situation

Tungsten products trade a wide range of products, including raw materials and processing products. Raw material products refer to tungsten concentrate and primary and intermediate smelting products, such as tungstate salts, tungsten trioxide, unlisted tungsten oxides and hydroxides, tungsten powder, tungsten carbide and ferrotungsten, etc. Processing products mainly refer to tungsten wire, tungsten and unsintered mixture.

China has always been the world's largest tungsten trader, and its export volume ranks first in the world. From 1949 to 1995, China mainly exported tungsten concentrate, tungstate, ferrotungsten and other raw materials, of which the export of tungsten concentrate accounted for about half of the output of tungsten concentrate. China's tungsten exports are much larger than China's domestic tungsten consumption, and it was not until 2009 that China's tungsten exports were less than China's domestic consumption for the first time. This shows that China's tungsten exports have an important impact on the development of China's tungsten industry and the global supply and demand pattern of tungsten. The United States, Europe and Japan are the major countries and regions in the world that import tungsten products. They mainly import tungsten raw materials and export high-quality processed products with high technical content and high added value, high-end cemented carbide cutting tools and complete sets of equipment. We should study the global trade situation of tungsten products, understand China's position in the international tungsten market, and provide Suggestions for China's tungsten industry development planning and industrial structure adjustment from the perspective of the current trade situation and export structure of tungsten products.
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