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Application of high specific gravity tungsten alloy in shielding parts

Alloy counterweight feature: up to 18.5 g/cm3 density. The density is higher than lead 65% density is higher than iron 130% high mechanical performance, can adapt to the dynamic or static installation weak ferromagnetic. Such as special emphasis can be non-magnetic. Lead substitutes. Non-toxic. Corrosion. Easy processing. Can be used and other materials of tungsten alloy counterweight due to the characteristics of tungsten alloy, it is often used as a yacht, sailing, weight of submarines, etc. Beijing tianzhong qihua new material co., LTD. Has rich production experience. According to our design and customers' independent demand, we have provided tungsten alloy counterweight for international yacht manufacturers. Block counterweights are our mass produced products. We can also produce the shape that customers want according to their own design.

With the continuous development of medical technology, more and more radiation is produced in the process of medical treatment, causing problems to medical work. These radiation include X-ray, gamma ray, alpha ray, beta ray and so on. In order to protect patients and medical staff, it is necessary to use tungsten alloy equipment to shield these harmful radiation. The researchers found that the ability to shield against radiation is related to the density of the material, and the higher the density, the better the shielding performance. Tungsten-base heavy alloy is very dense, so its shielding performance is very good. At the same time, tungsten alloy products are environmentally friendly, more safe than lead products, is the best material for shielding. Application of tungsten alloy shield: radioactive source container gamma radiation shield block oil drilling equipment X-ray sight tungsten alloy PET shield cancer treatment equipment shield.
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