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Competition for tungsten resources and deep processing is becoming increasingly fierce

Due to the scarcity of tungsten resources in the world and its special strategic significance, developed countries have listed tungsten as an important strategic metal and have kept a certain amount of reserves all year round. In particular, the United States, Japan and other developed countries are increasing their reserves.

As early as 1939, the United States began to carry out strategic material reserve; In order to maintain the competitiveness of its high-tech industry, Japan, which relies on imports of tungsten metal more than 90%, revised its 20-year metal resource guarantee policy and expanded its reserve range of rare metals.

Undoubtedly, the world will be more and more competitive for tungsten strategic resources. From the market analysis, the high technology content, the high value-added tungsten deep processing product competition will be more intense. The world's major tungsten enterprises and scientific research institutions have carried out research, development and application of high-grade cemented carbide, high-performance tungsten-base alloy, special tungsten wire and tungsten material, as well as new materials, new technologies, new processes and new equipment.

In recent years, the new technologies and technologies in cemented carbide production process and technology at home and abroad mainly include: precision forming, injection forming, extrusion forming, pressure injection forming, multi-atmosphere pneumatic sintering and cvd-pvd process.

These processes promote the development of a variety of high-performance new cemented carbide materials. Since the 1980s, the subsequent heat treatment of sintering and deformation strengthening processes have been successively used in foreign countries to greatly improve the strength of w-ni-fe and other tungsten-based high-specific gravity alloys, and to greatly increase the armor piercing power of tungsten-alloy armor piercing shells. For example, the core material of German MD53 tungsten alloy armor-piercing projectile has a static tensile strength of 1600MPa and an armor-piercing thickness of up to 900mm for a range of 2000m.

Tungsten market competition will be more intense in the future. Under the big background of economic globalization, in recent years abroad is given priority to with tungsten enterprises increasing investments in tungsten mining and smelting process project, set up all over the world. Production and marketing system and network, and through the merger and acquisition, expanding production capacity and market share, has formed with these companies as the core of the production, research and development, sales integration pattern. At the same time, it has entered China in a large scale to set up wholly owned companies, firmly control the technological advantages and seize the Chinese market. Its capital strength, technical level, business philosophy and marketing strategy are obviously superior to Chinese enterprises.
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