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Development of molybdenum alloy cladding materials in xintiandi nuclear power development

Currently, the cladding materials are zirconium alloys, but fukushima nuclear accident shows that zirconium alloys have serious risks. By contrast, the molybdenum alloy does not react with water and can avoid the risk of zirconium water reaction and hydrogen explosion. Compared with zirconium, the other properties of molybdenum alloy are within the acceptable range and it is a more stable cladding material.

The research on the key technology of fault-tolerant fuel is an important opportunity for the leapfrog development of nuclear fuel research and development in China, which is related to the national strategy of nuclear power going global. The zirconium alloy cladding material is one of the most difficult parts in the domestic nuclear power production in China. The development of the independent brand led by CNNC is still in progress. The shortage of zirconium alloy material industry chain restricts the development of China's nuclear power industry and the pace of going out. The research of molybdenum alloy cladding materials will bypass the problems of current technology and open up a new world, which is an important opportunity for the leapfrog development of nuclear fuel research and development in China.

Molybdenum market for nuclear power has great potential. With the current zirconium market analogy evaluation, China's domestic nuclear zirconium demand in thousands of tons, the market size of hundreds of millions, is expected, such as successful material research and development, molybdenum alloy and cladder products market size will be similar to it.
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