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Research progress of titanium implant surface coating

At present, most implants are made of pure titanium. It is found that titanium has good biocompatibility, high mechanical strength and stable chemical properties, and can form good bone bond with normal bone tissue. However, as an inert metal, pure titanium lacks the ability to stimulate the proliferation of osteoblasts and osteoblasts, and mainly relies on mechanical locking with alveolar bone to provide retention force. To strengthen the combination of implant and bone, preventing implant surrounding bone absorption and guarantee the long-term stability, many scholars tried to implant surface modification technique, such as using the larger particles sandblasting acid corrosion (sandblasting and acid etching, SLA), plasma spraying, plasma spraying, PSP), micro-arc oxidation (micro arc oxidation, MAO, MAO formed after alkali treatment etc can change the composition, morphology, implant surface energy, roughness and surface physical and chemical corrosion resistance of the coating, Or through electrochemical deposition technology, dip coating - sintering method, integration - sintering method, sol-gel method and other forms can provide osteoblast adhesion and growth of rivets and three-dimensional growth space, improve the implant bone induced bioactive coating. In this paper, the research progress of implant surface coating formed by titanium implant surface treatment technology is reviewed.
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