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Analysis of China's tungsten production statistics and development prospect part 2

China is the world's largest producer of tungsten, according to the 2017-2022 China tungsten product industry supply and demand survey and investment potential assessment report released by booz data. Tungsten production increased from 411, 000 tons of metals in 2006 to 68, 000 tons in 2013.In 2015, the metal volume was 71,000 tons, basically unchanged from 2014.At the same time, China mainly mines wolframite since the development of tungsten mines. With the long-term exploitation of wolframite, high-quality wolframite resources have been nearly exhausted. The production ratio of wolframite concentrate and scheelite concentrate in China has decreased from 7:3 before 2007 to about 6:4 in 2011, and scheelite mineral resources have become the successor resources.

At present, there is a big gap between China's tungsten processing technology, equipment level and the advanced level of foreign countries. At present, China's tungsten processing industry is in the key period of industrial adjustment, product upgrading, enterprise restructuring and resource integration. But the future development trend of strong market demand is processing products to high-end development. Due to the scarcity of the world's tungsten resources and their special strategic significance, developed countries have listed tungsten as an important strategic metal. There is no doubt that the world's competition for tungsten strategic resources and intensive processing will be increasingly fierce.
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