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The most promising industry for the next decade: nonferrous metals

Compared with steel, automobile and petrochemical industries, the non-ferrous metal industry is a relatively small industry and does not seem to be so "" close to the people" ".The nonferrous metals that most people remember are probably some of the more obscure words they've been struggling with in textbooks for years: neodymium, nickel, antimony, magnesium, titanium, tantalum. However, the importance and strategic position of nonferrous metals cannot be ignored. As an important basic raw material, it has its presence in the fields of electricity, transportation, construction, machinery, electronic information, aerospace, national defense and military industry.

China is the world's largest non-ferrous metal production and consumer. In colleges and universities, the most close connection with the non-ferrous metal industry is the major of materials, such as metallurgical engineering, metal material engineering, inorganic non-metal material engineering, rare earth engineering, materials science and engineering. In addition, the category of mining, machinery - related professional and non - ferrous metal industry.

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"" at the present stage, the important role of the non-ferrous metal industry in realizing urbanization, industrialization and informatization in China has not changed, the status as a key supporting material for the development of modern high-tech industries has not changed, and the fundamentals of industrial development have not changed. Therefore, through the formulation and implementation of the non-ferrous metal industry adjustment and revitalization of planning ", take comprehensive measures to stabilize the domestic market, make full use of the international financial crisis objectively formed 'reversed transmission mechanism, speed up eliminating backward production capacity, promote the enterprise merger and reorganization, promote the change of the pattern of economic growth, realize the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. At the same time, we should seize the opportunity of the current decline in the price of international resources, guide enterprises to "go out", acquire overseas mineral resources, and strive to win the initiative in the next economic cycle. It is of great significance to promote the sustainable development of the non-ferrous metal industry.
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