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Analysis of titanium equipment effect: titanium and gas reaction can produce brilliant effect

Titanium does not react with liquids and solids, nor does it bind, nor does aqua. However, titanium is very good at gassing, and likes to combine with many gases, such as nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane. This property of titanium can be used to our advantage.

Surely everyone has enjoyed the brilliant fireworks of the festival night? Here's a credit for titanium! When titanium powder and oxygen rapidly combine to burn, it can produce intense heat and brilliance. Fireworks can not only add to the festive mood, but also serve as military flares to indicate targets or convey orders. Adding an appropriate amount of titanium to an arc lamp can increase its brightness. Using titanium's strong absorption of air, it can remove air and create a vacuum. A vacuum pump made of titanium, for example, can pump air down to just one part per million. In the metallurgical industry, adding a small amount of titanium to steel or other metals to "eat" the gas and impurities in it can play a very good role in deoxygenation and denitrification, as well as eliminating the harmful effects of sulphur, thus improving the mechanical properties of steel and other alloys and enhancing their corrosion resistance.
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